Meeting 14th- 18th November 2012

The first meeting took place in our school in the Czech Republic and after hundred Exchange e-mails between we then met to face to face for the first time.
We had to discuss everything regarding our common bilateral project and there were topics we were discussing about:

  • the language preparation for learning languages – Czech and Romanian and we agreed on preparing some basic vocabulary of environmental field and 20 basic phrases so we are working on it at the moment.
  • preparing presentations about
  1. solar energy,
  2. wind energy,
  3. water energy,
  4. nuclear energy,
  5. biogases,
  • the date of Romanian visit in our beautiful country – they are going to go on 22nd April to 4th May 2013,
  • preparing the programme for students,
  • accommodation and other details of their staying at our school.


The English teachers are working on our project in their office.

Disscusion about both schools in headmistress´office.

author: Ing. Kateřina Chalupková

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