Exchange visit in Letovice (CZ) from 21st April to 4th May 2013

From our coordinating school arrived 12 students:

  • Țuțuianu Alina-Georgiana                              
  • Dârstaru Adina-Elena                                  
  • Stoian Carmen-Ionela                                   
  • Ungureanu Andrei                                
  • Călin Georgian-Florentin                              
  • Necula Constantin-Raul                               
  • Dumitru Silviu-Adrian                                   
  • Dîrstaru Tiberiu-Adrian                                
  • Matachi Silviu–Ionuţ                                    
  • Dragomir Florin-Adrian                                
  • Curpene Sebastian-Laurenţiu                     
  • Ciobanu  Mihai            

and 2 teachers to stay in Letovice for 2weeks. During this exchange visit Romanian students and Czech students:

  • Miroslav  Odvárka                         
  • Ondřej   Lustyk                                   
  • David    Čížek                                    
  • Veronika Válová                                
  • Tereza Francová                                
  • Matěj Gloc                                          
  • Roman Christ                                     
  • Jakub Samson                                    
  • Pavel Horáček                                      
  • Marek Čech

practised their English language skills and worked on the common project called Green Energy for a Clean Earth.

During this exchange visit students used primarily English language, but they learnt some Czech and Romanian words from each other as well. Their time was divided into school time and time for cultural events and time in their host families.


School activities:

  1. Students were working on the setting up the solar lamp in our OZE room.Before working on it students were given some information about solar energy and about equipments they would need for setting up this lamp. It was not as easy task as we thought so the Czech and Romanian physics teachers helped them and in the end students  were succesful and we had our solar lamp.
  2. They were working on our common multilanguage dictionary as well. This dictionary will be finished during our staying in Romania in March 2014. 

And because the project is about the Green energy for a Clean Earth students visited Biogas plant in Olešnice where they learnt some information about the working of this biogas plant.

The next place they visited in the Czech Republic was  the hydropower plant Dlouhé Stráně in Jeseníky. They were informed about the energetic system of the Czech Republic.


Cultural activities:

Students played football in our school gym.

They visited our local protected landscape Moravský Kras where they could see why the Green Energy is important to support.

Students went to Prague  where Czech teachers and Czech students played the role of the guides.






























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